"Yonkle" the Jewish Cowboy
1903 Plane Motor from Wright Brothers' Shop
A Halloween Costume Party
A US Navy Jazz Band
Actress Lillian Gish
African American Blacksmithing Students
African American Man
African American Wedding Photograph
African Chief at Pan-American Exposition
Agricultural and Mechanical College Sewing
Aiming Andrew Jackson's Pistols
Alas, Whiskey Poured into the Sewer Photograph
All Star Football Team Photograph
Automobile Racing on Curved Wooden Track
Bacteriology Laboratory at Howard University
Bathing in Jordan River
Before Belriot's Flight over English Channel
Black and Asian Children Doing Calisthenics
Black Woman Holding Tobacco Leaf
Blimps Flying Past Washington Monument
Boxer Jack Johnson Photograph
Boxer James Corbett in Training Photograph
Boy and Girl with Dogs Photograph
Boy with Thanksgiving Turkey over Shoulder
Brahman Priest Painting Forehead
Brass Instrument Factory, Tubas and Trombone
Byrd Antarctic Expedition Airplane Photograph
C & H Sugar Company Plant Photograph
Cal Rodgers outside Airplane Photograph
Capillary Physics at the Hampton Institute
Cash Vault at the Treasury Department Photograph
Casualties 20 Seconds after Anarchist Bomb
Champion Golfer Harry Vardon
Charles and Anne Lindbergh
Chicago and Northwester Passenger Train
Chicken Sellers in Mexico City
Children Eating Watermelon Photograph
Children Looking at a Kodak Camera Photograph
Class Exercising with Barbells Photograph
College Football Player in full gear
College Football Player in full gear 2

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