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Don't Mess With the Redhead! (And other great advice and funny stuff!) I've been updating my store, adding gifts to make you giggle, and gallery art to inspire! Also, I've added a brand spankin' new category, "Redhead Stuff!" to celebrate the Redheads in your life! Check out my Birthday cards and Just For Laughs, as well, great cards for everyday sending! Have fun shopping, and thanks for your support! All images and writing here at Laughing Redhead Studio are copyrighted, and may not be duplicated, scanned, or reproduced without a licensing agreement. If you are interested in Licensing with Laughing Redhead Studio, just let me know by contacting me at Teresa@LaughingRedhead.com!

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"Trick or Treat"
By LaughingRedhead, 8/31/2012 about
Thanks so much! Halloween is my total favorite holiday! But, you probably already figured that out!! I so appreciate your sharing my work :-)
"Love Your Work!"
By AsTimeGoesBy, 7/7/2011 about
I bought some greeting cards from your shop and they're great! I love all the bright colors you use and your vivid imagination!
By ginnyl52, 10/19/2010 about
What a fun shop ou have here. I'm a fan.
"Birds of a female feather!"
By VanityCases, 11/6/2009 about
Theresa...love your stuff... I too do woman-to-woman humor & we have a similar background & reason to offer art on here!
"I am so happy to have you in my fan club, Teresa."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 9/27/2009 about
I appreciate it!! I've been a fan and admirer of your work for quite some time. You have so many fun designs!!
By mmpierce, 9/18/2009 about
Very awesome Halloween stuff!!!!!!
"Love your store . . keep up your good work!"
By elizdesigns, 9/18/2009 about
By esavanella, 7/17/2009 about
your work is amazing! i love all the little details!!! wow!
By micotutu, 5/29/2009 about
Beautiful artwork.
"You are a great designer!"
By victordiogenes, 5/27/2009 about
Very beautiful and attractive style! Lovely Graphic Beauties
By AwesomeZazzlers, 5/26/2009 about
You’re an Awesome Zazzler! Congratulations, your artwork has been selected for a Star of Excellence in Artistic Design Award and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
By LaughingRedhead, 4/16/2009 about
Thanks so much, everyone, for your encouragement! I'm uploading new stuff and getting used to navigating my way around on Zazzle! Love it! peace, trl
By mmpierce, 2/9/2009 about
Love your new stuff too!
By sunsets67, 12/9/2008 about
Welcome to Zazzle! Nice start on your Gallery!
By AnitaJoy, 12/9/2008 about
Just so fun...Anita
"I HAD A BLAST WATCHING your YOUTUBE vids...YOU are so funny!"
By Cheries_Art, 12/9/2008 about
Wow! What a wonderful life, comedy, artist, cartoonist...fantastic stuff and WELCOME!! I sure am a fan too!! Best and Blessings, Cherie ;-)
"I love your sense of humor! Wonderful gallery!"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 12/9/2008 about
I have always enjoyed spending time in unique stationery stores, and your cards are as good as any! The hummingbird metabolism one is delightful. I just posted it in the comments of my gallery wall. I look forward to coming back here often!
By zazzleproducts1, 12/9/2008 about
Great start to your gallery! Olympia
By flyinggirl, 12/9/2008 about
Nice and bright and fun colorful stuff.
By fat_fa_tin, 12/4/2008 about
love your stuff! i'm a fan :)
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