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For general art, design, patterns, invitations, photography and more, try: For wedding invitations, engagement announcements, 'Save the Date' announcements, wedding souvenirs and decorations, try: For funny characters, monsters, zombies and bizarre creatures try: All works in the 'Lee Lee and the Bee' network are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. *You may share the work/s, but you must attribute the work/s to me and link to the products/posts, and/or to my blog Lee Lee and the Bee *You MAY NOT use the work/s for ANY commercial purposes excluding earning affiliate commissions (where aplicable) through linking back to a product offered on selected websites with affliate programs. *You MAY NOT alter, transform or build upon any part of the work/s, unless customizing a product prior to purchase on any of the websites where the designs/works are offered for sale. *To contact the artist regarding purchasing exclusive rights to any of the works, for more information, or to request a custom design, please use the contact form at my blog Lee Lee and the Bee

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"Beautiful store"
By Joanna Haas, 12/10/2012 about
Your shops are beautifully designed and a pleasure to browse.
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