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"Cool looking store"
By Sandyspider, 9/25/2014 about
Featuring one of your Halloween aprons on http://www.giftsyoutreasure.com/2014/09/scary-halloween-aprons-on-zazzle.html
"Hi Len, Cool Store!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 5/26/2011 about
We used to live in Mesa! Best of luck to you, hace a Great day! Ron
By Duncan_Reed, 4/6/2011 about
Very nice, very professional, very well drawn. I like it!
"Cute Vampire"
By davidpauls, 11/27/2010 about
I love the vampire cartoon! Great zazzle site.
By kellenor, 10/20/2009 about
Order's in... much thanks... great design... will keep an eye on your page, you have a lot of good stuff. As for Freaks, I didn't mind the words, but I thought the image was so strong and well done that I wanted to let it stand alone, very kind of you to oblige with Freaks 2.
"Custom Design"
By len_simon, 10/20/2009 about
look at the top picks category at the top of the page. I took off the text for you under "Freaks 2" L!
""Custom artwork" / "Freaks" design"
By kellenor, 10/19/2009 about
Thanks Len. I'm referring to the "Freaks" design you already have. All that I'd like changed is to have the words / text bubble removed from the image, so that we can order a shirt with that image. Would you do that?
"Custom artwork"
By len_simon, 10/18/2009 about
In reference to the request 'kellenor' made; I am willing and would love to create designs upon request. Ideas and feedback are more than welcome! In addition it would be good to know what type of product you would like to see the design on! Thanks for your interest! Len!
""Freaks" design"
By kellenor, 10/18/2009 about
Hey - any chance you could do up the "Freaks" design without the words? Just the image? kellenor111 at yahoo dot com.
By nopolymon, 3/3/2009 about
Great gallery. Congrats on the TBA. I'm a fan.
By picklelillysdad, 11/4/2008 about
Well done on the TBA, Len. Looks like something for everyone included in your work. Great style and skill. All the best, Colin.
By AnitaJoy, 11/3/2008 about
Quirky, Funny Psycho...great mix, love it. Anita
By sunsets67, 11/3/2008 about
Hello, you have an Interesting Gallery! :)
By sunsets67, 11/3/2008 about
Hello, you have an Interesting Gallery! :)
By olmpal, 11/3/2008 about
Great gallery, cool designs! Olympia
"Great gallery! "
By PeppersPolishMafia, 11/2/2008 about
Really Creative! 5 stars! & more................
By expressyoursoul, 10/11/2008 about
Love your gallery and your artwork! I'm a fan! :)
"FUN Gallery!!!!"
By IsabelDC, 10/7/2008 about
By artistgal52, 10/4/2008 about
Your gallery is awesome,art work amazing!! 5*****
"Welcome to Zazzle!"
By AuntBetsy, 10/4/2008 about
Your artwork is wonderful!
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