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Author, Professional Life Coach, & Spiritual Advisor Melody "Lil Mel" McGowan offers greeting cards, T-shirts, mugs, and much more! Using excerpts from her books, interests, and personal experiences, she has created a wide range of products that will inspire, motivate, heal, uplift, and make you laugh! This gift shop contains a variety of interest items...whether you are an animal lover, empty nester, coffee drinker, belly dancer, love to run, or in the field of pharmacy--you will find something here to make you smile! See something you like but not on the product you are looking for? Contact us and we will work with you to design a product to fix your needs! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderfully blessed day! As we are always adding new products, bookmark or add us to your favorites...better yet, become a member of our Fan Club so you know when new products are added. Recently added to is "Sweet Tea for the Soul Calendar" , with excerpts, graphics, and inspirational messages from her new book: Sweet Tea for the Soul.

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By hopefulone, 12/19/2011 about
You've got some gorgeous shots here! —Geri
By KABSANNIE, 12/19/2011 about
Hi Melody! You are so welcome! Adorable puppy, I wasn't sure, as I have never seen a Pit Bull puppy. I think they are neat big. Too bad they use them for such aweful things which gives them such a bad reputation. Same with Rottweiler's, as I had one of those, and she would kill you with kindness. Kathie
"You're welcome! "
By codfishlady, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for stopping by!
By tdogart, 9/11/2009 about
I love the titles
"Wonderful captions and ideas !"
By mindpixels, 12/3/2008 about
Very nicely done
By artistgal52, 10/10/2008 about
Your gallery is awesome!! 5*****
"Stellar Gallery!!!"
By KnightOwl, 4/12/2008 about
Just joined tha Fan Club I am too a Pharm Tech. Your gallery is so awesome I need a pill!!! This gallery has made me speechless...
By Victoreeah, 1/18/2008 about
Just wanted to let you know I am promoting your "Fun and Play" card on my website peace-n-love.com
By Zoey_London, 1/1/2008 about
Happy 2008! Keep up the great work! Zoey London
"Thank You"
By timothynathan, 12/3/2007 about
For the kind comments,.. I enjoyed your drug dealer tee
By jayyo1011, 11/26/2007 about
Thanks for being a fan!!! (^___^)
"Love your designs...."
By Zoey_London, 11/24/2007 about
And your great philosophies.....the perfect combination!!!!!
By pamdicar, 11/15/2007 about
Thanks for joining my FC and I am also a fan of yours!
By KABSANNIE, 10/27/2007 about
Hi Melody! Thank you so much for joining my fan club, I really appreciate it! I adore your products. Mutual fan, Kathie
"Super nice stuff!"
By MacFaux, 10/27/2007 about
..love the dogs.
"Hi Melody,"
By mickeyelvis128, 10/25/2007 about
Very nice Gallery! Best of luck! God Bless! Diane & MickeyElvis
By KABSANNIE, 10/25/2007 about
Hi Melody! You are so welcome! I am so impressed with your stories in your about me. What an awesome thing you are doing. I joined your fan club, as I cannot wait for more of these beautiful creations. Since you are a Minister, I also want to say God Bless You! Kathie
"Thank you for joining my fan club, Melody!"
By codfishlady, 10/24/2007 about
"Another new gorgeous gallery!"
By Lidusik, 10/23/2007 about
Just a few images, but you can see talent and high class right away! I'm your fan!
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