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The Mustang a Day Project is a personal challenge by artist and writer LindaLMartin. Linda paints one real living wild American Spanish Mustang a day 5 days except on Holidays. She chose this personal challenge as a way to put a name with the a face for those who are not aware that each horse currently on the range is a wild and free individual treasure of historic significance to the Citizens of the United States of America and those who love them. Linda will be working with a variety of photographers and horse watchers to make this project a reality. More to come. The Project began December 1st 2010 and is on going.

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"Thanks Stacey Lynn Payne!"
By LindaLMartinArtist, 12/29/2011 about
Im so glad you are enjoying my work. A very Happy New Year to you!
By Stacey Lynn Payne, 12/28/2011 about
Your paintings are amazing! I have an original of a grizzly bear on canvas! Thanks for putting your stuff on Zazzle, now we can get more!!!
"Thanks Tammy A Hall!"
By LindaLMartinArtist, 12/13/2011 about
I am so glad you are enjoying my efforts, Tammy. Thanks for stopping by to comment. Let me know if there is something special that you do not see. ~Linda
"Art work"
By Tammy A. Hall, 12/13/2011 about
These are very good and shows the true character of a Mustang they are truly beautiful...I will be in the near future purchasing from you being that me and my husbandl ove the Mustangs, the four-legged kind and the four-wheel kind...little humor ; )...best of luck to you...again great work
"Thanks for the visit."
By CharlottesWebArt, 11/7/2010 about
I appreciate your nice comment. I am a fan!
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