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Hey I'm Amy-lee and Thanks so much for visiting my Gallery :o) Most of my illustrations are hand drawn then scanned on the computer, and colored in on photoshop, but i have been experimenting with a few graphic designs to! I also have a massive love for photography.....I love the fact that you can capture a special moment or a precious thing and keep that memory forever. All my art work is all copyrighted so if you dare to pinch something there will be trouble....

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"Hi Amy!"
By JCatGarden, 12/19/2011 about
It's nice to see you here at zazzle : ) I Love your gallery, it's very pretty!!
By GinaPaints, 12/19/2011 about
Lovely things, you have a really original style. I so enjoyed looking round. I'm a fan!
"I like your whimsical owls."
By Rebecca Reeder, 7/16/2011 about
I look forward to future visits.
"Cool Store!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 4/8/2011 about
Best of luck to you, have a Great weekend! Ron
"I love the way you use color! Very cool! I'm a fan."
By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
it is a sweet ride twisted diva the gallery and this life thanx bconst
By PeteMcGXD, 1/25/2011 about
great gallery
By feedyourheadgraphics, 9/30/2010 about
Awesome... awesome...awesome! Seriously. I'll be back again and again. Really enjoy the colorfullness and the flow of the designs. I'm a REAL fan.
By DDLeach, 9/28/2010 about
you have some great stuff here. Beautiful designs! :o)
By Abatar, 9/24/2010 about
Cool designs. Good luck with your store.
"Very nice gallery.... I am also a fan!!"
By galleriaofart, 9/23/2010 about
Love your "creative thinking"! Elizabeth
By tman133, 8/27/2010 about
I love your designs!
"*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´* Congrats on yourTBA*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´*"
By galleriaofart, 8/24/2010 about
***Park Avenue Chandelier **Meet Me Under the Chandelier
By VintageFlair, 8/24/2010 about
Great shop! You have a lot of wonderful, interesting designs here. Best of luck!
By littleamylee, 7/5/2010 about
peace love & happiness to you all xXxOoO
By GalleriaWebsite, 6/9/2010 about
You have great talent! I look forward to seeing you post your art in the comment wall for all to see. Have a great day... Elizabeth
By Shoetiedesigncolette, 5/16/2010 about
Great store,lovely*****
By HORTULUS, 5/4/2010 about
very fine work.
"Great Colors and Designs!"
By StripedPants, 4/21/2010 about
Best wishes to you.
By HelenaPion, 4/12/2010 about
Really like your artwork. I'm a fan :)
By Galapagosurf, 3/26/2010 about
Nice designs!
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129 results
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