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Hi! Yo! Hola! Welcome to Little Milky Shop! Little Milky Shop SkateShop Cool Funky Skateboards ShoeStudio My Unique Funky Custom Canvas Sneaker Promotions: * Get 5% off 2 or more shirts! * Buy 2 or more sheets of postage and get $2 off each sheet! * Get 5% off 2 or more posters! * Get 12% off 10 or more cards! * Be the First to receive product features, specials and exclusive promotions! * Read Little Milky Shop Blog Zazzle Animals & Fairytales (or Tails) Powered By Ringsurf * Visit -- Vote for Me -- What's my passion? Design! And Little Milky Shop! There's bound to be something you like here. All of our custom designs are available on a variety of cool apparel and merchandise with each customise to look great on it. New designs are being added all the time, so be sure to check back frequently! And if you have a custom request , please email LittleMilkyShopATgmail.com (replace AT with @) and I will be happy to accommodate! Woohoo! We welcome our 24000th visitors! The number is just rising each month! Cheers... =) Do check out Little Milky Shop web store frequently for we have new products released almost everyday... Cheers! =) Pamper Yourself! More 9 Black Cats Red Slip On Sneaker Canvas Sneaker by ShoeStudio Exquisite Giraffe Prints Canvas Sneaker by ShoeStudio Baseball Canvas Sports Sneaker by ShoeStudio Soccer Canvas Sace Sports Sneaker (Blue Trims) by ShoeStudio Love Yourself Everyday Embroidered Bag by LittleMilkyShop Crown Dog Love Dark Embroidered Bag by LittleMilkyShop Popular Christmas Gifts: More Dachshund Xmas Tree (Customizable) Card Cute Chihuahua Christmas Card (Customizable) Chihuahua Head (Customizable) Photo Card Dachshund Xmas Photo Card (Customizable) Gingerbread Candycane Xmas Photo Card(Customizable) Card White Christmas Snowman Photo Card (Customizable) Chihuahua Head (Customizable) Photo Card Dachshund Xmas Photo Card (Customizable) Cards 'n' Such: More Winter Wedding Flower Branch Card Spring Wedding Daisies Card Deep Red Rose Thank You Card Sweetie Cute AfroDog Birthday Card (Customizable) Bride and Groom CreamPink Rose Wedding Card Meaningful Pink Sakura Flower Friendship Card Pink Sakura Flower Card (Blank) Champagne Pink Lily by LittleMilkyShop Gift a Mug: More Dachshund Team Mug Sweetie Cute Afro Dog Mug Spring Daisies of Love Mug Christmas Dachshund & Snowman Mug Summer Beach Act2 Mug At The Black Sands Beach Mug Princess Poodles Mug Deep Red Rose Coffee Mug DIY Template Product Line: i Heart / i Love Series MOTIVATIONAL More "YES WE CAN" United States Light Embroidered Cap Hat "YES WE CAN" United States Dark Embroidered Cap Hat New York City VOTE Embroidered Shirt San Francisco VOTE Embroidered Shirt San Francisco PLUMBER Embroidered Baseball Cap Hat

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"Hi everyone!"
By LittleMilkyShop, 12/19/2011 about
I've a new Funky Cool Skateboards Specialty shop at SkateShop. Do take a look! Cheers... =)
By bridgewaterpeonies, 12/21/2010 about
Awesome Designs. Love your stuff!
"Really Cool!"
By Jenlin01, 3/4/2010 about
A lot of fun and great designs in this store!
By jeanhar1, 1/22/2010 about
I see your getting all set up for Valentine's Day. It's my favorite holiday because all the heart stuff comes out. So much fun! I'm a fan!
"Ho! Ho! Ho!"
By LittleMilkyShop, 11/30/2009 about
Merry Christmas everyone! A variety of beautiful Christmas designs are available for your selection. Check the store often for more updates everyday! Cheers...! =)
By ginnyl52, 7/16/2009 about
I Love your designs!
"Celebrate your SUCCESSful Graduation..."
By LittleMilkyShop, 4/21/2009 about
with our beautiful & elegant Graduation series gifts & such available over here !
"Cool site!!"
By jeepgirl1973, 3/27/2009 about
By aussiepossum, 2/5/2009 about
Great gallery, cool designs well done :0)
"Very Fun!"
By OSeeGee, 1/31/2009 about
Thank you for stopping by my gallery and adding such nice comments. (I’m back up and running now =) I like your creations. Very cool and fun stuff. Your title zone is most endearing and your Panda is just the cutest.
"Thanks everyone for your support!"
By LittleMilkyShop, 1/31/2009 about
Keep the Cheers going... especially during this time... =D
"Cool Gallery ;D"
By edgeplus, 1/10/2009 about
Love the Grunge Identity design and your beautiful calenders!
"More beautiful calendars are added"
By LittleMilkyShop, 12/29/2008 about
to keep us accompany all year round! Cheers...! =)
"More beautiful Christmas designs coming!"
By LittleMilkyShop, 12/17/2008 about
Keep watching this space. Merry Christmas! Ho... Ho... Ho... Cheers! =)
"Wonderful gallery"
By conroyaltee, 12/8/2008 about
Best wishes to you and yours through the holidays.
By 2spotcommunications, 11/20/2008 about
Very cool site!
"Thanks everyone for your support!"
By LittleMilkyShop, 11/18/2008 about
Let the Christmas joy spread to all.. Cheers..! =)
"Thank You !"
By jdmphotography, 11/11/2008 about
Thanks so much for your comments you have a real cool galley here great work !
By sunsets67, 11/10/2008 about
Nice Gallery!
"Thanks for your nice compliments!"
By LittleMilkyShop, 11/10/2008 about
Cheers.. =)
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