95% of Americans are Zombie proof
A Well-trained Martial Artist
Alright, you can look under my sheet
Always use eye and ear protection
Another Busy Week
Aussie Culture
Avenge a Redneck!
Avoid Future Disappointment
Avoid using heavy machinery
Beer Whisperer
Better Scene Than Herd
Beware the Smiling Warrior
Bigger Hammer Handyman Services
Bite vs Suck
Black Hole This Way
Blind Dog Drinking Team
Block Kick Punch
Busy Beaver Construction
Butter Life
Candy – The Gateway Drug
Candy goes straight to my hips
Candy Inspector
Candy Junkie
Candy makes everything better
Candy Me! This is my first bag
Candy Me, Now! I haven't got all night
Capes – Cool Forever!
Chick Magnet
C'mon give me the good stuff
Corn Star
Cut the Chit-Chat
Daytime is overrated!
Deck My Halls, Jingle My Bells
Doin' the Zombie Shuffle!
Don't just compliment my costume
Drink Coffee – Be A Lert
Empty Cookie Most Unfortunate
Enough Small Talk
Ewe just don't understand!
Exercise Your Demons
Eye for an Eye
Fangs for all the candy
Fangs for everything
Fangs for giving
Fill 'er up
Fire Bad. Candy Good.
Follow directions carefully


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