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The Mouse and the Dry Story
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Alice and The Duchess
Alice and the Pig
Alice Gives Evidence
Alice in the White Rabbit's House
Alice in Wonderland
Alice with the Gryphon and Mock Turtle Dance
Alice with the White Queen
Alice, The Duchess, The Cook & The Cheshire Cat
Alice, the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle
Cheshire Cat Over Wonderland
Curiouser and curiouser!
Growing Alice
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter and Dormouse
Mad Hatter Running
Mad Hatter, Dormouse and March Hare
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Painting The Roses Red
Red King
Red Queen "Off With Her Head!"
The Lobster Quadrille
The Sleeping Gryphon
White Rabbit
White Rabbit as Herald
White Rabbit with Watch
Who Stole The Tarts?

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Welcome to "Through the Looking Glass" - a celebration of all things Alice and Wonderland , featuring the illustrations of Sir John Tenniel from Lewis Carroll's 1865 celebrated edition of "Alice In Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" . You'll find all your favourite "Alice In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass" characters here - The Duchess , The Cheshire Cat , The Red Queen and her Red King , the White Knight , The White Queen , The White Rabbit , The Mad Hatter , The Caterpillar , the Dodo , the Walrus and the Carpenter , the Jabberwocky and many more - not forgetting Alice herself! And remember - there are over 100 different t-shirts and styles you can purchase with each design - just click on the design of your choice and then browse through the t-shirts on offer on the product page. DISCOUNTS? OF COURSE WE HAVE DISCOUNTS!! If you're looking for discounts on our gear, click here for all our current Zazzle discount coupons and codes to be used at checkout! Through The Looking Glass is part of the Incognita suite of stores, which also includes The Shakespeare Shoppe (for lovers of Shakespeare), Pure Attitude (sassy and funny t-shirts and gifts with attitude to spare!), Coastscapes (t-shirts and gear for photographers) and the main store, Incognita Shop (t-shirts and gear for actors, writers, musicians, directors, producers and all entertainment folk). Happy browsing!