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Welcome to Lord Fancourt's Dementorium where you will find a plethora of heretofore unimagined designs and shameless cultural references applied to a jolly assortment of mundane goods you can use everyday to enhance an otherwise dreary existence. Here you'll find a zazzling array of T-Shirts, shiny Pin-back Buttons, Cook's Aprons, Note Cards, and the ever-essential Coffee Mug. And heavens to Murgatroid, don't overlook those magical Magnets! They stick to metal! They'll make your refrigerator even cooler than it already is. Visit the worldwide Dementorium often, as his Lordship is forever stocking the store with brilliant new dementia, from Retro Chic to New Age Geek - all designed for the marginally mad, slightly unhinged, and delightfully demented among us.

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