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"And now I will show you the most excellent way... LOVE the greatest gift of all." 1Corinthians 13 : 13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This gallery has been created to refresh your soul with the gentle loveliness of kindness. It is my most profound desire that it may guard the joy of your heart. Preserve in your mind the positive spectrum of LOVELINESS-- anything that is praiseworthy. May your loveliness transcend to what is true, noble, right, pure and admirable. Peace be with you!

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By Xzendor7, 3/29/2013 about
Thanks Nydia For Your Comment On "The Mystery OF Corland" My Latest Fractal Art Composition.May You And Your Family Have A Splendid Easter Holiday.
"Hi Nydia, Your stores are looking great!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/27/2013 about
We wish you and family a blessed Easter. Ron
By CoolCurves, 1/30/2013 about
Happy New Year Nydia and may this year bring you many wonderful blessings. Off to browse! Hugs
By Xzendor7, 1/28/2013 about
Thanks Nydia For The Comment On Ruby Golden Orb Of Xzendor7 Fractal Art Binder Glad You Like The Piece.
By Eugenia Bacon, 5/30/2012 about
Hello Nydia We just met on FAcebook:) Saw all your stores and thought i would have a look around - goodness you are awesome! Where do find the time to work and make all this art??? Must have a slow look around now! Cheers Eugenia
By Destiny, 4/5/2012 about
*•.¸☆★☆¸.•You have such amazing stores!! Nice designs!*•.¸☆★☆¸.•
By Arklights, 12/24/2011 about
I just wanted to stop by, and wish you and your love ones a very blessed and magical Christmas, and a wonderful New Year !
"Evie There Is A Glitch On The Sistem! Don't Worry, Here Is Your Message [LOL]"
By Wholeheartedly, 12/19/2011 about
Pleased You Liked The New Designs, I Wanted A lighter Look At Life Because All The Bad Stuff On The News. In Of Day We Are Human Beings And Have Needs, Be It The Sun, Love, Good Food, Warmth In Relationships Or All Of THese Things. Loads Of Love Eviexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
"Thanks Nydia"
By Xzendor7, 12/19/2011 about
For The Heads Up On The Featured Artist Page - This Is A Problem With Zazzle Changing Something In The Feeds. I Believe They Are Disabled To The Systems Does What Ever It Needs To Do.As Of This Post Two Additional Feeds Are Down. If This Doesn't Correct I'll Change The Coding Format To The Feed To Pull In The Data I Need.
"Well Nydia"
By Xzendor7, 12/19/2011 about
As Far As I Can Tell The Traffic Data On Your Home Page If It's Enabled Counts Visitors That Game To Your Gallery Through The Home Page. I Think This Is Only Counting Unique Visitors every 24hrs. The Linkover History In The Dashboard Counts The Number Of Pages Viewed Per Day On Your Gallery.Google Analytics Takes It Further And Seems To Count Clicks That The Dashboard Doesn't Show And Gives You Detailed Info On Whether The Clicks Are In House (ie Zazzle Traffic), From Outside Like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Other Websites, Mobile Devices Or Keyword Searches. It Also Gives You Information As To What Country Your Traffic Is Coming From And Which Are Your Most Popular Pages.
"You're Right About That Electric Circuit"
By Xzendor7, 12/19/2011 about
It Didn't Occur To Me Before, But Yes It Does Look Like Those Old Hollywood Frankenstein Movies With The Electric Spark Gap Generators Spewing Electrostatic Energy All Around.
By Wholeheartedly, 12/19/2011 about
CoolCurves said: on 5/14/2011 9:08:00 AM Hi Nydia, revisiting your lovely store (at least this one!). gorgeous new works and this is no exception ************************************ pity I can't comment from my main store as all my photos are there; made a mistake when merging and now CoolCurves is like the 'master store' and all my comments come from there! still, do visit the main when time! have a lovely wk-end sister
By First Night Design, 12/19/2011 about
How lovely to hear from you, Nydia. Thank you so much for joining the First Night Vintage fan club and your nice comments. I had hoped to join everyone's fan club again as First Night Vintage but I've just been told by Zazzle that that's not possible!
"Hello Nydia"
By Marlene Yvonne, 7/12/2011 about
I am so moved by your divine Child prints. The sweetness on her face captured my heart. So anointed! Thanks for your inspiring comment ...God bless you, mys
"Thank You"
By First Night Design, 7/11/2011 about
Your comments and support have given the start to my week an extra glow - thank you so much.
By Basant Soni, 7/10/2011 about
Hi... Nydia ..Thanks for appreciation of of recent work.....i create the Product as per sequence of instruction laid down in Zazzle-Software ..in case my art-Photo is quite big size then i reduce as per pixel size advised by u ......either in advance or alternatively zazzle required size- .Also please guide me which other product are suitable to my Organic art. Whether i may convert some of my selected artistic photos/image in-to zazzle products..i need ur concurrence in this matter too..Nydia why not give me ur email ID so as to express more ...as i feel odd to write u these all details on ur Store wall......Deep regards...Basant
"Hi Nydia"
By Xzendor7, 7/10/2011 about
Courage Is Not An Imperative When It Comes To Positive Thinking, People Have Courage When It Comes To Negative Thinking As Well. Look At All The Daring Things That Criminals Do That Most Of Us Would "I Would Never Have The Guts To Do That".Positive Thinking Is More Of How You Look At Things And How You Explore The Possibilities That Are Available But Yet To Be Seen.What's The Old Saying When There's A Glass With Water At The Median - Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty. A Negative Person May Say It's Half Empty - A Positive Person May Say It's Half Full. One Is See Potential While One Is Not.
"To My Dear Visitors A Prayer By Augustine..."
By Wholeheartedly, 7/8/2011 about
"The thought of You stirs us so deeply that we cannot be content unless we praise You, because You have made us for yourself, and our hearts find no peace until they rest in You."
By Minerva Bloom, 7/7/2011 about
Nydia, what a lovely compassionate and bright spirit you express. Your designs shall shine a bright light on anyone's life. Keep on.
By First Night Design, 7/7/2011 about
Thank you so much, Nydia, for your congrats on my TBA, as well as for your supportive words which mean a great deal and came at just the right time to lift me from the doldrums.
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