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I am LUCKY PINKIE! I am a cute pink elephant bringing luck to you and your loved ones. Choose your favourite gift, add your personal message and pass your lucky wishes at the important occasions of life or whenever you feel like making someone special :o)

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By Sergei, 4/3/2014 about
I was happy with the quality and the delivery. My daughters love the design. Highly recommended and will order again.
"New product request."
By NINA, 2/11/2014 about
Hi from Nina, your faithful customer. Would it be possible to create a new product, please? Plain white mug with Lucky Pinkie Birthday on it. Thank you! PS: will you create a new design soon?
"Lucky Pinkie is the best"
By LucyJames, 8/18/2013 about
I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of Lucky Pinkie and I am coming back to your shop again and again. Thank you!
By Shirley Taylor, 10/19/2012 about
Congrats on your latest TBA. Best of wishes to you!
"Love your designs!"
By LorryRorry, 10/2/2012 about
Hey, love your designs! Especially your stylish Valentine design for business cards, I will definitely buy one. Are you planning to open your own shop outside Zazzle. I am convinced it would have lots of success. Good luck! Keep it up!
"Easter next?"
By Eatmark Rolve, 3/11/2012 about
I love your new Birthday design, young lady. Will you also make an Easter Elephant theme? I am looking forward to it.
By Voile Karmate, 3/4/2012 about
What a great and refreshing designs! Are these already available in normal retail stores and card shops? They must be super successful with children and young girls.
By NINA, 3/2/2012 about
I find your shop truly inspirational. I cannot show it to my children though as they would like me to buy all your porducts! ;-)
"Thank you so much!"
By Elisabeth Norman, 2/26/2012 about
I have recently bought your Lucky Pinkie necklace for my daughter before her very important exam at school. She has passed! She said it gave her courage ;o) Thank you soo much! Elisabeth
By WheatgrassDesigns, 1/24/2012 about
Love your Lucky Pinkie and Lucky Pie designs... wishing you much Zazzle success in 2012!! :-)
By naina, 1/19/2012 about
heay really cool n cute design.congrats and best of luck. visit my site too\artdeck...thankyou
"Big Thank You!"
By LUCKY PINKIE, 11/25/2011 about
Thank you all for your first purchases of my new Lucky Pinkie brand. Wish lots of luck to you all!
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