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Artwork of Lupita Fernández-Soberón

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By lupitafdezsoberon, 7/19/2011 about
Thank you Matt! :)
By lupitafdezsoberon, 7/2/2011 about
Ammar :) Thanks for the visit!!!
By Ammar, 7/2/2011 about
Lupita! :)
By lupitafdezsoberon, 11/27/2010 about
Thanks Hope I appreciate the time you took to look at my work and so appreciative for the positive comments :)
By expressyoursoul, 10/14/2010 about
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment! Your artwork is truly fantastic! :)
By TheArtOfPamela, 10/2/2010 about
Definitely your work is excellent, I love it, and the black background is perfect for what you have to offer 5***
By VintageFlair, 9/30/2010 about
Congrats on being a featured store! Your work is so lovely. Best of luck.
By DoodlesHolidayGifts, 9/30/2010 about
On being Featured! You do wonderful work!
By Kathys_Kids, 9/29/2010 about
Nice work,........all the best to you :)
By MONSTERVISIONS, 9/28/2010 about
Congrats on being featured.. GREAT work!
By lupitafdezsoberon, 9/28/2010 about
Thank you all very much for the cool comments. :)
By flyingdisc, 9/28/2010 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store!
By someofthedharma, 9/27/2010 about
Sheer Awesomeness! Some of the Dharma
By TheArtOfPamela, 9/24/2010 about
Congrats on your store being featured! Excellent gallery, very cool artwork.
By Starlachris, 9/24/2010 about
Beautiful ♥
By Colettephoto, 9/22/2010 about
Thanks dear for your fine compliments*****
By lupitafdezsoberon, 9/20/2010 about
Thanks to everyone for their support!
By AbbyCastro, 9/20/2010 about
Wonderful pieces of art! :D
By Colettephoto, 9/17/2010 about
Lovely store you have*****
"fabulous stuff..."
By Lace9lives, 9/16/2010 about
Your work is really cool, love it!
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