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PERFECT GIFTS FOR THE MAGICIAN OR MAGIC FAN ON YOUR LIST! ++++++++ MAGIC TRICK SHIRTS: Somebody "freely picks" a card and hides it back in the deck. You attempt to find it, but can't. You offer the shirt off your back if you can't find it this last time. Upon failing, you remove your outer shirt to reveal the card printed on your t-shirt. ++++++++ MAGICIAN HUMOR: Magician's will appreciate the humor... and so will you non-magicians! Here are some funny magician in-jokes that would be great to wear at the next magic meeting, at school and anywhere else. Great gifts to give your magic friends, fans of magic, or hipsters who were into magic way before Criss Angel or David Blaine came along. ++++++++ MAGICAL DESIGNS: Let the world know you LOVE magic! A great way to strike up conversations about your hobby/profession. Once the subject is being discussed, it's only natural you'll be asked to perform a trick. Also useful to wear at performance gigs.