A Hundred Thousand Sperm And You Were The Fastest?
ACCOMPLISHED - accomplished
And Your Point Is ... ?
Beer ... It Does A Belly Good!
Beer ... It's What Helps White Men Dance
Beer ... It's What's For Breakfast
Beer Depository
Beer Heals All Wounds
BEER Is Technically A Vegetarian Meal
Beer Me!
Boobs - Well That Got Your Attention
Bourbon Cowboy
Bourbon Legend
Can we schedule a play date?
Carry your own emotional baggage!
CAUTION I Can Go From 0 to BITCH In 2.5 Seconds
Dad Farted and We Can't Get Out!
Deal With It!
Don't Be A Knucklehead
Don't Even Think About Asking To Hold The Baby
Don't make me send my flying monkeys after you!
Don't Worry, It's Only Kinky The First Time!
Drink 'Til Yer Stoopid
Driver Carries No Cash ... He's Married!
Dude, Where's My Bar?
Finish Your Beer. There are sober people in India.
For A Minute There You Bored Me To Death
Forget About World Peace.  Visualize Using Your
Freaky Deaky
Funny Man Question ???
Funny Time Saying - Physics Science Joke
Glutton For Punishment
Guest of Horror
I can't fix stupid.
I Want My Double Chocolate Fudge Cupcake NOW!
If at first you do succeed ...
If You're Rich, I'm Single
I'm a Local. Go away!
I'm Busy and You're a Dumb Ass
I've never ever ever ever ever been in denial!
Life Is Short. Don't Be A Dick.
Man Candy
Mr. Sober Here Needs A Drink
My Life's Goal Is To ...
Pain Is Inevitable, Misery Is Optional
Pickle People Do It With Relish
Rehab is my Timeout.

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