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By Maria Aragon, 2/21/2012 about
Thanks for the compliments. I really, really appreciate it. Maria Aragon
"very creative!"
By sharpieartist, 9/17/2010 about
Loved visiting your store :)
By Donamaria, 9/5/2006 about
Work! Hello Maria... Really enjoyed going through your gallery - such talent! I visited your main site and loved so many of your paintings. It was exciting to see "Bladensburg Park" and "Atietam Creek" - I'm familar with both having lived in MD for 8 years. Great work!
"hi Maria "
By nefera, 9/4/2006 about
your gallery is beautiful !! i also love ancient history , mythology and arts ,the most passionating to me ! i see you are multiple talented , i will read your novel , for sure ! Aragon is such a great name for a writer !
By arteology, 8/22/2006 about
love your paintings a lot!
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