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Free markets are the only fair markets. We sell pro free market capitalism products

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By Hang_Em_All, 12/19/2011 about
Hi Matt, My messages to you are being returned. Why don't you drop me a line at hangemall@infowest.com, and I'll send you the info again.
By Alan Alsup, 3/30/2011 about
Ron Paul 2012! http://www.youtube.com/user/MrDrawingguy?feature=mhum
By sugarhosting, 1/31/2010 about
right on! this store is virtual walls of freedom
By Hang_Em_All, 12/28/2009 about
Thanks for the kind words and for visiting my store! I like yours, too. I can see we agree on just about everything. Well, keep up the good fight!
"its also"
By djskagnetti, 12/26/2009 about
an engine to set up world government, destroy the UN (not like we'll miss it), and give 2% of the worlds money to the world bank, which would lend it to developing nations with interest which they cant repay so they bank will go in and seize any resources they want. it's the largest ponzi scheme ever perpetuated upon man, and it will invoke a tax on everything, including limiting how many kids we can have and how many miles we drive in our vehicles. it will make slaves of all. merry X-Mas =P
By xuberalles, 12/25/2009 about
Great store and products! Keep up the fight!
"last (again)"
By djskagnetti, 12/25/2009 about
you have to remove all spaces. so if its like [picture]spacespacespacespacespace [link](a line down) you would delete the spaces between picture and link so its like [picture][link]. make sure there are no spaces anywhere in the code just like that, otherwise you'll have a huge gap above and below the table. then click save changes and it will change it on your front zazzle page. if this doesn't make sense i think i posted how to do it in forums before they banned me for no reason.
By djskagnetti, 12/25/2009 about
go to My Account > Store > Basic Information. under description, copy the html from your html editor then paste it in this box. the last part is tricky
By djskagnetti, 12/25/2009 about
open an html editor, make a table with 4 tiers, download 4 images, resize them to 160X160, put them in the table, make sure the pics point to someplace on the web (like your website or photobucket), then add links to each pic, then move the table from the right side as far left as it will go, so the pics are all close together
By djskagnetti, 12/25/2009 about
first of all, awesome shirts, especially the global warming one. it's ridiculous to think that this is a settled science when everything they say is easily debunked, they have been proven to be liars over and over again through climategate and the guy who edited 5500 articles, deleted 500 articles, and banned 2000 users on wikipedia just because they didn't fall in line to his of thinking. nazis at their finest. great job!
"I got it"
By patriotic_tea_party, 12/25/2009 about
figured it out. this is fun
"Great Job"
By patriotic_tea_party, 12/24/2009 about
looks great! How do U get that special picture across the top?
"category pix"
By patriotic_tea_party, 12/24/2009 about
U seem to have gotten one "Austrian economics" if you go to "products and clickk on a category from your list pick "edit" and "change pix by the folder. i get my pix from my media basket. Does this answer your ?
By patriotic_tea_party, 12/24/2009 about
to add blog go to store/basic info and just write in the "description" box..don't need html. I also did store/appearance and ck'd show scrollable categories and show products under "home page" and show scroll....cat in "other page" more ?? come on back
"awesome stuff"
By djskagnetti, 11/3/2009 about
great job =)
By Patriot_Resistance, 4/21/2009 about
Nice work. Andrew Jackson is my hero!
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