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I'm a recent college student and an apsiring artist. My focus are Graphic Design and Illustration, but I experiment with a range of mediums. Some of the works you see were originally hand drawn or painted. <a href="http://www.zazzle.com/sphinx_n_phoenix/gifts?cg=196245095031031444" rel="nofollow">Poster & Canvas Prints.</a> The other designs you see were for fun. </br> <center>10 Random Tidbits about the Artist: 1. People think I'm much younger then I am. 2. I'm semi-vegetarian. 3. I'm straight-edge. 4. I love Fall. 5. My favorite band is Incubus. 6. I find ventriloquist dummies creepy. ugh 7. I LOVE DOGS. 8. I like learning about different cultures. 9. I like all forms of art, but really admire paintings and photography. 10. Did I mention I <3 Dogs?<center> <br> "Don't ever change who you are just to fit in and impress the people around you. Stay true to yourself and don't sell yourself out." -Quote by Me

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