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My first store was initially inspired by the comical state of babies and parenting back in August of 2007. It has slowly morphed over time to include a vast range of products including some that are sketches I have done that are required to be rated PG-13 or R so you will need to have your viewing status set to see those products. I not only support but am also part of the LGBTQQIA community. I have many products available in this category. Some for gays and some for families, friends or just supporters of equal rights. I was born left handed and made to use my right for writing as a child. One of my children is left handed and another is ambidextrous (as am I now) so I also have a line of products for those of you who are 'lefties'. My years as a teacher (many years ago) brings you a line of teacher related items as well. I am a single mother of four children - two boys and two girls. Zazzle became my full-time job in July of 2010 when I was laid off from the desk job I had for 10 years. I hope you enjoy your visits to my stores as much as I enjoy making products for you to view and purchase.

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