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I love animals and donate to 2 animal organizations. I love going to Florida to see my sister and her family and 3 beautiful golden retrievers. I LOVE ANIMALS ESPECIALLY DOGS. I DONATE TO Harmony fund which helps dogs around the world and the Morris Animal Foundation. THESE ARE ORGANIZATIONS THAT HELPS ANIMALS, VERY GOOD CAUSES. I love Florida! In August 2011, we lost our precious Luna girl (golden retriever) to cancer at the age of 6. In my search of of canine cancer I discovered how many of our beloved best friends die from cancer. I wanted to start a non-profit for canine cancer research but discovering that with my full time job, I would not be able to give it a 100%. That is how I found Zazzle. My thoughts were if I could become successful with Zazzle then I could get a part-time job and use most of my time dedicated to non-profit. I am selling my products from Zazzle and will be donating 10% of my profits to The Morris Foundation for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. This study is dedicated to find out why so many goldens get cancer and searching for a cure.

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