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People have asked where I find the images and fine art that I use. There are many great places online and in old books - I explore US NARA public archives images, Library of congress, and even encyclopedias- Images from my store HERMOINES have been recreated from these for the most part. There are many good places online to look through- and to discover if images are in public domain due to age. I've had people wonder if all my photos and fine art have been edited/photo manipulated or enhanced. I "clean up" defects and frequently brighten dull or blurred images where possible. I also use a colorization technique - especially on my movie star and roaring twenties section. I repair edges or add a small boarder if damaged -I remove photos of fallen soldiers where possible out of respect. With fine art pieces I enhance color if the picture is washed out -but I try to keep with the original as much as possible Zazzle is creating new products almost everyday - Sadly as a designer it's a little hard to keep up! Feel free to contact me about creating that product or gift just for You! diane g addis

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