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I'm Quidama, and my shop here is full of an eclectic variety of themes and products. I've lived in multiple countries around the world and take a lot of my inspiration from my travel experiences. Photography- I love to take photos of animals, landscapes, people, and most anything else. Most of my photos here on Zazzle are either wild animal photos or travel photos of the USA, Australia, and Italy, but I'm always looking for another adventure to photograph so watch for new additions here! Doodling-I love to doodle, and learned a specific method of extremely detailed repetitive pattern drawing called Zentangle™. I'm addicted to doodling and I carry my drawing materials everywhere so I can draw! My doodles range from completely abstract designs to handprints filled in with doodles, to specific decor elements such as a doodled musical treble clef. There's always something new in the works. Collage and Fabric Art-I love mixed media and often create fabric elements from richly ornate upholstery fabric and create collages on them, and sometimes add paint, ink, found art, digital elements and others. Word Games - I'm a bit of a word nerd, so Rebus puzzles have always been fun for me. I'm happy to share a few of them here for fellow puzzlers. Breast Cancer - Oh yeah, *that.* I had it and went through treatment and hope with everything I've got that it doesn't come back. I despise pink ribbons and pink rah-rah crap and all the pink cause marketing that takes advantage of a horrible disease and really doesn't advance research for a cure or better treatment much at all. During my treatment, I was mortified at the amount of bad medical information and quackery people shared with me so I've become involved in some skeptical groups whose mission is to battle medical and scientific quackery, so you'll find some of those things here too. So that's me in a nutshell. I'm very open and love to share, so feel free to drop me a line and ask questions, request a design, or even to provide feedback on my work. Thanks for visiting!

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