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I live outside of Austin, Texas in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I love to go listen to live music, travel, hang out with my good friends, garden, visit galleries and art exhibits. Photography is my passion, I love to capture moments in time. Whether it be people, places, animals or events it is fascinating! All oil paintings are by Henry David Potwin, a conceptual artist and my brother. "My goal is to create a body of work that is mullti-layered and resonates with common man as well as the initiated. And I'd like to find nice homes for my "children" as well." He adds: "Many of my paintings, still lifes, landscapes, underwater scenes are meant to be eye candy. I sometimes feel that perhaps my style is too broad, but I am not a one trick pony." Take your time to browse, and please come back often as there are always new works being created! If there is a product that you would like a particular image on, just let me know and I will create it especially for you! Thank you for your visit! Cathy

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