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Blending, swirling, graphics. It's absolutely amazing to know, at anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wonderful guests, such as you, are visiting, enjoying a secure shopping experience and sharing these funtastic home decor, travel photos and gift products with friends, family and hopefully a gift or two for yourself. Travel photos, fashion accessories with flair along with colorful, eclectic, electronic gear, all found right here on these pages. Your lovely comments and Pinterest Board Pins are greatly welcome! All images copyright A. Celeste Sheffey 2015

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"Thank you Ben from Australia!"
By CelesteSheffey, 6/25/2014 about Labadee, Haiti
for visiting my store and choosing to purchase the Labadee Haiti postcard!
"Chestnut hill! MA Thank you for purchasing"
my Rust Colored Wall in San Francisco Notepad!
"Thank you for purchasing my #LabadeeHaiti magnet"
By CelesteSheffey, 9/9/2013 about Labadee, Haiti
from Trinity, Florida!
"Thank you for your purchase!"
of this cute #PuertoRico baby's t-shirt design from Aliso Viejo, CA
"Sandra, thank you"
for purchasing my #SanFrancisco photo collage postcard
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