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I'm a self taught graphic artist. I originally started out many years ago as a traditional artist with painting, illustrating and making models from scractch. I built props and miniatures for a few years for low budget film companies and when computers began taking over the industry I knew it was time to learn the digital worl... lol... I learned it the hard way to with no profesinal instruction. Surprised me even more when a few years later I was asked to teach Photoshop at two of our top Community Colleges here in Winnipeg. Because I love making models so much I eventually got into 3D and now have a huge collection of models available on Turbosquid under Visual Redemption which is also the name of my personal company for custom graphic design. I have created book cover art, and much of my work has been published in magazines and books. I have a fond interest in subjects like science fiction, Gothic horror, UFOs & the Paranormal all of which have profound influences on my work. My latest creative endeavours have been devoted mostly towards the creation of my dream car "The knight Industries 2000" or K.I.T.T. for easy reference from the fames 1980's TV show "Knight Rider" I swore one day I would own this car and now I am making that dream a reality :)

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By MDKgraphics, 6/26/2012 about
Congratulations on your TBA I loved that one it was killer funny :) Michael
By MDKgraphics, 6/15/2012 about
Congratulation on your TBA. Oh great now I'm hungry for Bacon & Eggs :P All thr best: Michael
By MDKgraphics, 5/15/2012 about
Hey Mike, Congratulations on setting up a shop on Zazzle, looking forward to seeing your stuff :) Michael Knight
"Now I'm hungry"
Awesome design, congratulation on your TBA. I don't know why but this makes me hungry for pink frosting all of a sudden ;) Michael
AWESOME design, super congratulation on a well deserved Todays Best from one alien fan to another. Michael
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12 results
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