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I was born in Klaipeda City, Lithuania. I have loved to draw and paint since I was a little girl. My inspirations come from my visions, inner feelings and love of Nature. My vision is for the world to be in Peace, Love and Harmony. My biggest joy is when I can touch someone's heart through my art. In 1989 I graduated from Applied Art Technical Institute in Lithuania where, I studied different technique in art. In 1996, I illustrated and published a poetry book "Birds of The Heart", Lithuanian language. I came to United States in 1999. For the past ten years I have exhibited my works in galleries across Central Florida. Currently I am working in Retail Management, and all my free time I dedicate to my Art. Besides many galleries in Central Florida, I have visited galleries in Chicago, Dallas, Austin and Huston. My most favorite and influential of today’s artists are fantasy artists Luis Royo, Josephine Wall and contemporary painter Thomas Kinkade.

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