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About the Artist: Kristina is a self-taught (learning more everyday) graphic designer/artist and avid photo enthusiast. She chose the name 'CapturedbyKC' because of her endeavor to capture the beauty of life thru the lens of her camera. When she is not busy designing, taking photographs or spending time with her family... she is working voluntarily as the Media Director for a developing healing hearts ministry in her area. Her passion is to share the simple beauties she sees around her thru artistic mediums so that they may inspire, uplift, and bring joy to others. Her belief is that art is an expression of our souls. It is an outward and bold reflection of our innermost thoughts and expressions. It is an undying emotion from the artist written in a language that the whole world can hear and understand; a universal language. It is beautiful, because we are beautiful! She believes that it is a part of all of us as well as all around us... we only need open our eyes to explore its beauty, let it soak in, and become inspired by it.

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