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Trying to earn a living with my graphics work after becoming disabled following a trucking accident... Dennis graduated from Boys Town High School, Boys Town Nebraska

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By dbuckman, 6/19/2013 about
Interesting material... Best of luck with your endeavors...
"Great Idea!"
By dbuckman, 6/19/2013 about
Hope you market lots!!!
"Your Designs..."
By dbuckman, 6/18/2013 about
AM enjoying many of your designs... Best wishes to you
"Thank you..."
By dbuckman, 5/31/2013 about
Thank you for stopping by my gallery, it's appreciated. Seems like that axion, "Birds of a feather..." seems to hold true in our case! Love your work!
By dbuckman, 4/5/2013 about
Thank you for stopping! Best wishes to you and your endeavors!
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24 results
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