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I have a small, home-based business in Tucson Arizona and enjoy creating fun one-of-a-kind shirts for birthday kids, presents for family and local sports teams. Please visit my website for more on my original creations. Contact at: www.floppypoppygifts.com

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By CB, 10/11/2014 about
Hi Moonman! Hope you're doing swimmingly these days! Best~cb
"Hey Jesus:"
Why you eyes looka' like-a shark?
By CB, 2/25/2014 about
Thanks for introducing yourself on Squidoo, Boneworld! You are very inspirational. Keep up the awesome artwork! Cheers~cb
"Happy Cotton Candy Day!"
By CB, 12/7/2013 about Candy Circus Stickers
Good job on your design and being featured on the Cotton Candy Day front page!
"Great For A Nursery!"
By CB, 11/22/2013 about Little Cowboy With Lariat
I wish I would have had this lamp when my first son was born. His nursery was all cowboy and it was so hard to find at that time! Cheers~cb
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488 results
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