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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my main store: Two Purring Cats Clothing & Gifts Make sure to see my other stores, too: The Case Place (store for electronics/phone cases) Two Purring Cats Cards & Stationery Invitations by Two Purring Cats Studio Home Dinnerware by TPC Studio Ornamentation (Store of holiday ornaments) A Store for Survivors Skins by TPC Studio (skins for electronics, games & more) Educated at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, I have been creating art ever since I could hold a pencil in very early childhood. While other kids were out playing, I was learning to draw via books, courses and tutors because back then the passion of drawing came first, as it does today. This love of animals and nature eventually blossomed into a business, then has expanded throughout the years. Though my business duties now take precedence, I still put the artwork first. Drawing and painting are therapeutic and relaxing to me, an escape from our stress-filled world. Most artwork you see has been done in less than one day, I have limited time and work fast. My artwork can be seen worldwide,in nature parks, zoos, businesses, publications, media and more. I have lived in other countries and studied the flora and fauna of Central American jungles extensively, and plan to study other exotic locales when I pry myself away from work at some point.

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