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<i><b> "OOPSY: Don't let the cute name fool ya!"</B></i><br><hr> OOPSY was created in 2008 from a design featuring a "dropped" cupcake that fell upside down and the caption I used was "OOPS! I dropped my cupcake." Since then, OOPSY has created cute, fun, unique designs for all ages, occasions & holidays. Almost all items in every OOPSY store is 100% customizable. I also do custom design requests for any occasion by emailing me at ricemb75@gmail.com. <center> <b>OOPSY</b> features graphic design, digital art, traditional artwork (paintings, drawings, ink, etc) and illustrations that are 100% customizable by finding the <b>"CUSTOMIZE"</b> button when you click on a particular item/design. You can personalize each item, change colors and you can even add your own design! If you find a design you like, customize it to fit your event or occasion! If you have a design in mind and do not see it here in my gallery, feel free to message me and share the details and I will be more than happy to create your own custom design!! You do not have to wait days or weeks for your design, because I usually can create a custom design within 24 hours. <b>OOPSY</b>, all designs, artwork and illustrations are copyright protected under the <b>2009 Copyright 5178Designs</b> so please refrain from scanning, copying, redistributing and stealing my work.

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