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I come from a very creative family. Everyone in my family does some sort of art, whether it be painting, sculpting, embroidery and even cooking. My Mom let me nuture my creativity so here I am. My first love is sculpting, however I could never afford those fantabulous kilns so I began using polymer clay. I go in all different directions w/my art ( my own personal art ADD lol ) so I decided to open a separate shop just for t-shirts and such. I have a few shops on etsy all with different types of art. I believe you should never stifle your creativity or laughter. I am a kid at heart as you will see from the works on my sites. Laugh daily, love hard and live openly :) Hope you enjoy my shop :) www.gigispursecharms.etsy.com (for sugar skulls and pendants) www.gingerbabies.etsy.com (for clay items and military items)

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