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The art of photography and it's near endless manifestation's is an area that has been of interest to me for most of my life. As history so reasonably records,scene records or simple paintings if you will have been an area of profound interest to mankind as far back as we look. A desire to keep with us that which we've seen,a desire to portray better than words alone permit that which we envision. I have pursued a number of photographic methods over the years and with many different cameras. Currently my primary camera is a Sony Alpha 55 . Software I currently make use of tends to be Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Corel Paint Shop Pro X5, Painter X3 and Snap Art 4. In general most of my photographic scenes are found with-in natural settings. I do occasionally acquire buildings, unique structures and related scenes. I make use of a wide range of imaging techniques including macro shots, Wide angle, Panoramic, HDR or high dynamic range and other methods as appropriate for the scene. While I personally consider photography to be close akin to Art I have branched into re-styling some of my images into a digital art form. Making use of imaging techniques with professional imaging software provides many photographic to Art possibilities. My imaging philosophy: Photography, as a vision within a dream seems to captivate us with endless visual possibilities A World of inspiration awaits and stands still with but a click of a button. Enabling a special moment in time to be preserved, eloquently rendered for posterity within its own special canvas. The Art that is Photography has been with us for many a year now Every new picture has not. One scene not altogether like another. Each somehow special. Each it's own treasure. May you find Yours

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