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I'm Muriel and I have 4 shops: Eahkee, Eahkee Cases, Office Envy, and The Nation of Animals. I use my love for color and design to inspire me. As a child I was obsessed with color. I would just sit and stare inside a crayon box. I thought they were perfection and wondered if there was a career where I could just sit and look at colors all day. I live in a rural area in Pennsylvania. I’m married with a slew of four-legged children that I consider to be the most perfect souls on earth. Using a raw talent, skills learned through years of drab computer work, and a life-long feeling that I was on the outside looking in, I’ve finally found my creative color-inspired outlet. My alternate outsider universe! With every design there’s an essence of a child staring inside a crayon box dreaming of a career just looking at colors. The total number of employees in my shop is one (myself). I do have a support staff of feline and canine critters who offer no help whatsoever except for being pure, honest and adorable. Please enjoy. Even if you don’t buy I hope something I’ve made causes a smile or a good feeling ... even if it’s only for a moment...

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