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I love animals, nature, photography, writing, graphic design for my online stores.

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By Trish E. Harmon, 7/15/2012 about
Very cool designs! Welcome to zazzle! I hope your store is a big success! Love your daughter, "Sunny Arts." Best of luck to you!
Thanks so much, gardensofeve! I just had a feeling about this particular photo. I used the tilt-shift method which makes the peppers look so small you could just pluck them from the picture, and added vibrancy to make the picture pop. Thank you for you wonderful comment!
By Trish E. Harmon, 5/31/2012 about
I love all your whimsical and crazy characters! Lots of cute animal pics, too! Keep up the great work...I wish you much success!
Thank you for all the kind comments. This really has come as a surprise because I created this design a while back and wasn't sure if I liked it. Recently, I looked at it again and thought, what the heck, and posted it on my usual products. I am beside myself and thrilled! Thank you everyone for stopping by!
By Trish E. Harmon, 2/27/2012 about
Found you while randomly looking through fatpaint.com.....love your designs! I'm so glad I found you and I've joined your fan club! All the best!
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