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<center><h4>I am the breeder/owner of some of the cute boxers you see on my gallery. I work full time in business but my real passion are my dogs. I could not deal with lifes pressures without them. They are my love. If you have a boxer you know!!! Some of our boxer models:<br> Casper - Our white boxer<br> Sasha - Fawn female<br> Venus - Brindle female <br> Brandon - Senior Brindle male<br> Ramses - Fawn male<br> Rocco - Young Brindle Male<br> <br> If you are a blogger, twitterer or affiliate, feel free to post any of my products on your site, especially any pet related websites you earn 15% commission on any sale!!!<br> <br> Follow me on twitter:<br> <a href="http://twitter.com/ritmoboxer" rel="nofollow"><img src="http://twitterbuttons.net/images/5.png" title="By: TwitterButtons.net" width="147" height="53" /> <a href=”http://ritmoboxerdesigns.blogspot.com/”>

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