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Richard Rizzo has been creating art since his earliest years. He witnessed the art culture scene while living in the NYC area during the sixties. It has had an essential impact on his artistic style and expression. He has worked with different media including traditional painting mediums and photography. Richard has been self employed in the decorative arts as a muralist and faux finisher for more than 20 years in both NC and Florida. He has worked with many top designers and fellow artisans. His interest in styles varies but mostly he enjoys minimalist and modern art. Digital art has become his most creative interest in recent years. Richard has experimented different styles and digital techniques to transform his imaginative visions into creative reality. He constantly looks toward the future in the contemporary arts. Take Note Please: All the Material in this Gallery is Copyrighted & May not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my permission. Using these Images for any purpose without my prior permission, may lead to legal action. All Rights Reserved.

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