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.... Ahoy, Ship Mates, Welcome To My ZAZZLE STORE. My Name is Anthony Carmine (aka) Captain Scuttlebutt. I started my naval service in the early 70’s as a Ships Company "AO" serving aboard the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 . Air launched missile specialist served in G-4, G-3 and G-1 Division. I Also served on board the USS America, and later on the Nimitz as Airwing. Spent some shore duty at Naval Air Station Oceana, and Jacksonville. Served as F-14 Armament systems "QA" AIMD Weapons, and for several fighter squadrons. From my earliest days, having a love of art I was always involved in the unofficial collateral duty of designing cruise patches, squadron logos, shop logos etc. I spent many hours painting murals in the different offices aboard my ship and countless divisional shop and departmental office doors. On one long cruise I got a request from the XO to paint the divisional logos on the bulkhead behind each scuttlebutt on the ship, to indicate which division was responsible for the cleanliness of each passageway. From this I earned the name Captain Scuttlebutt. Chances are if you served in the Aviation rate you probably have seen one or more of my paintings ship board or at school. After my service I became a graphic artist and owned my own print advertising business for many years. Deciding to turn to my artistic roots, I have started my Navy Pride Web Site, ScuttlebutthasIt.com. My intent has been to design artwork that reflects my own pride and the pride of all my shipmates in their naval service. My goal has been to blend contemporary motifs with the art styles of our US Navy heritage, producing graphics that contain symbolism that is recognized by those of us that have served. I started it as a fun hobby, but the positive response, and requests from my shipmates old and new, has been so overwhelming. I decided to keep it going and growing strong. If you have any requests for artwork for your command, ship, squadron or rate, please don't hesitate to e-mail at the address below. Thank you for coming aboard.

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