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I am a self taught artist who loves to create fantasy characters! I use a Wacom tablet with a stylus and my digital art is hand drawn and colored by me, it is never "cloned". I enjoy reading and wathcing movies and love animation the best! I illustrated and wrote a rhyming children's picture book that is available here: I love animals, a cool gentle breeze, the sound of crickets singing at night along with the howling of coyotes, cuddling with my kitties and creating my magickal creatures! Please note: Each purchase from this store will help me to get 8 feral cats spayed/neutered and fed, that have decided to live on our property. So thank you so much in advance for your purchase! (note added on 12/21/13.) Hinterland Harmony Illustrations by KLeighE -All art is © KLeighE and Hinterland Harmony

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