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Welcome to the Chipmunk Cafe - Adorable chipmunks and so much more! My whimsical collection of fun chipmunk gifts (and more!) will brighten your day - all products are totally customizable for you to personalize as you please. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your stay! If you see an image that you would like on an item I haven't made yet, or would like something customized/personalized - please send me a message.

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By Pauline Wherrell, 9/15/2013 about
Such a beautiful store - love your products!
By Valerie Anne Kelly, 5/28/2013 about
yay! 5 big stars ... beautiful Meg :~} Valz
By ADIStyle, 5/16/2013 about
Amazing store!
"☆◠‿◠☆ Hi! ☆◠‿◠☆"
By Bluedarkat, 5/4/2013 about
Lovely Store!!! I LOVE Your Chipmunks! ♥◠‿◠♥ Wish You all The Best! ☼Blue☼
"Using One of Your Photos"
By Stephen, 4/12/2013 about
Hi Meg, Thanks for posting your photos. You have an amazing gift. I wanted to reach out to you about potentially getting permission to use one of your Shutterstock images as my logo. I'm a young film student from New York and recently started a small company (and by small, I mean 2 friends from school and I) with the dream of someday making a difference and fostering greater empathy and understanding through our work. While we are young, we have unbounded passion and dedication for what we do. Even in our first year together, we've already touched lives with our short films in our own small way. If you can, please email me at skyboundscott123@gmail.com so we can talk more. I'd love to share more of our story with you and to hear more about yours. Thanks again. It was a pleasure looking through your galleries. Best, Stephen
"love it"
By Margrett, 3/28/2013 about
I love your store reeeally cool stuff
"Hi Margaret!!"
By Sílvia Neto, 1/28/2013 about
You have here wonderful products!! Liked to!! :) Best wishes - Sílvia.
By JARHUMOR, 11/16/2012 about
Sooo CUTE!
By Lyle Hatch, 9/25/2012 about
wonderfully designed products - very professional looking items. following on twitter too. good luck!
"Hi Margaret, Thank you very much for the congrats. / compliment on my TBA for.."
By Ronspassionfordesign, 9/21/2012 about
Multicolor Wristlets Bag Options 1-9, it's greatly appreciated! Have a great day! Ron
By dawnfx, 9/11/2012 about
Great store
"Thank you!"
By Yonni's Wacky Workshop, 9/8/2012 about
Just stopping by to say thank you for joining the fan clubs for our Los Angeles and Mega Mart stores. Your Chipmunks are way too cute! Keep up the great work and all the best ~ Your fan, Yonni :)
By Phil Perkins, 9/7/2012 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store!
By Margaret M Stewart, 9/7/2012 about
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! (and Thank You Zazzle for featuring my store!) Happy Zazzling!
By Mark Allen Coldren, 9/7/2012 about
luv your work and congrats on being a featured store this month!
By Lyle Hatch, 9/5/2012 about
Wow - first rate items and images - I didn't a single "bad apple"! :-)) Great store.
"Awesome store..."
By Joyce Dickens, 8/24/2012 about
Thanks for the visit and the like; most appreciated - your store is incredible and makes me realize the work that I have yet to do....awesome!!! jd
By Lisa Mcguire, 8/13/2012 about
Thank you for liking my store..Your store is amazing, and I also live in NE Pa.
By ShirLee (Shuen Walter), 7/6/2012 about
Your products are so cute and awesome!!!
"Really nice work!"
By Michael Shake, 6/4/2012 about
I'm also a fellow microstock photographer and love waterfalls so I enjoyed looking at your beautiful waterfall products. You have a very diverse collection of products. I don't normally do this but you might like to see some of my waterfall photos at my other store. Down 2 Earth Designs.
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