Election 2016
Don't Snake My Vote
Goodbye GOP
Of, By, For Corps
Reproductive Freedom
I Heart ObamaCare
I Love Biden
E. Pluribus Obama
Michelle 2016
Where are the JOBS?
HCR - Big F-ing Deal!
Anti-TeaBagger Merchandise
Off The Cliff
HCR - Yes We Did!
Teabag Miracle Cure
Death Panel
Obama DID Say It
2012 Election, Politics and Rally
I've Already Voted
Democrat Donkey
Gay Pride Dem Donkey
Peace, Love, Recycling
Earth Day EKG
Get Your Green On
Alternative Energy
Look Ma, No Gas!
Hug Trees Now
Mettle to Pedal (Green/Cycling)
Peace - Word Art
Peace And Dots
No War - Word Art
Amanda & Eve
bi certain
Certain (bi)
Lesbian Marriage
Proud Parent BumperStickers (Alternative)
Business Wear
Computer Nerds Do It...
Cougars & Cougar Bait
Stupid: Kicked/Curb
Stupid (Not With)
Happily Divorced!
Just UnHitched
Just UnMarried!
Strangers w/ Benefits (2)


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