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FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE PLUS LINKEDIN ..This July will be MASSIVE.. RAZRWING STORYLINE GAMING APPAREL is an evolving concept of clothing that evolves based on the story lines you select for gamers ,collectors apparel enthusiasts & graphic whores.fusing story lines, designs, configurations, a developed classification system and gaming elements based on these four story themes. SEEKER: AGGRESSION:Stories of the characters of this nature are psychologically: Hostile or Display an attitude of reactionary patterns :violent action ,verbal or physical of attacking without provocation arises from instincts to maximize the use of food, space or possession.. Yet character behavior can lead to:unthinking routines,perceptual distortion, Blind awareness VICTIM:OBSESSION:Stories of the characters of this nature are psychologically:overt compulsive behavior:aggression, contamination, energy,unwanted & intrusive thoughts,Neutralizing behavior and strange Hyperactivity,..Yet character behavior can lead to:permanent anxiety, disorder Schizoid ism, Depression, Withdrawal, and Delinquency. SNATCH: SEDUCTION:Stories of the characters of this nature psychologically: Posses cruel and shrewish behavior elusive, enigmatic damaging archetype Yet character behavior can lead to psychological needs: inadequate fulfillment and manifestation of counter transference behavior, BURN:ATTENTION:Stories of the characters of this nature are psychologically: Have Desired Behavior :intentionality (desiring and foreseeing harm) with high self-awareness Yet character behavior can lead to:self-defeating behavior patterns favors short-term benefits despite long-term costs and risks These story lines have provided a vast set of platforms for RAZRWING to jump in and create a new market, spin new concepts and set a standard for the storytelling, gaming and apparel industries. Our basic idea: CHOOSE A GROUP / REPRESENT A STORY / CONTROL, CONVERT AND CONQUER OTHER GROUPS At RAZRWING, we feel it is our responsibility to bring back story, gaming and visual elements to apparel design by developing new mediums through textile, vinyl and social networking devices. We were one of the first to use a new vinyl technology that allows for texture, shading and backlighting currently not available on traditional silkscreen or custom apparel. The material is incredibly soft, stretchy and machine washable. We are building our concepts, games, puzzles and ranking systems using social media and the Internet, as well as through other interactive technologies, and introducing participants to Razrwing’s point structure system, allowing them the choice of using points to obtain free products, or moving points to help other groups in the ranking system. Every day brings new challenges, but RAZRWING is committed and thriving, and we will continue to evolve. It’s all about shedding your skin and revealing the stories that lie beneath…to us, it is a journey worth taking. "Every Skin Sheds a Tale" Ordering information: Gian Ruggeri / Director of Operations 650.771.7457 E fax: 888.589.4833 Hours of Operation (Pacific Standard Time): Mon-Fri:8:30am-3:30pm Sat:10:30am-3:30pm Closed Sundays To purchase R Skin Points, sign up, or for more information on storylines and games, contact us at: RAZRWING THE RAZR NEST

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