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digital art of silverlute

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17 results
By Arklights, 3/14/2011 about
What a beautiful display of artistic talent. Very cool store !! I am a fan!
By Cartoon Pinup, 3/7/2011 about
Your artwork blows my mind. Phenomenal stuff. Spectacular settings. Beautifully rendered pieces.
"Hi Milica"
By artOnWear, 2/11/2011 about
My sisters name is Milica. This is dushan and I realy love your stuff. You can check out my store www.zazzle.com/artonwear.
"just insanely beautiful work"
By luvaas, 11/17/2010 about
love it!
By PatSandman, 10/26/2010 about
Love your style... such finesse!!
"Your Artwork is Fantastic!!! Added Milk Poster to my Favorites! Congrats!!!"
By IsabelDC, 6/6/2010 about
By ArtDivination, 6/4/2010 about
Very nice work...on the dark side, gothic. Congrats on today's TBA for MIlk.
"Prekrasno :)"
By Willowdesign, 6/4/2010 about
Stvarno imaš prekrasne radove. Nadam se da ćeš dodati još puno toga. :)
By SeGott, 1/25/2010 about
I LOVE your work!
By Lakeca, 2/25/2009 about
u work is amazing . u got a gothic style to it . which i like the most
"Awesome Artwork!"
By imagesbysasha, 2/23/2009 about
Great work!
By Zoey_London, 1/1/2008 about
Happy 2008! Keep up the great work! Zoey London
By fredml8, 11/12/2007 about
Great gallery and amazing art. Truly beautiful work.
"Just voted on all of your designs..."
By Zoey_London, 11/9/2007 about
Love your work as always, and I'll pass your gallery on to artist friends!!!! Zoey > ; )~
"You have a great talent!"
By Zoey_London, 11/5/2007 about
Wonderful sense of graphic design....beautiful gothic work. Definitely in my favorites to be revisited....
By vitaliy, 11/5/2007 about
Great gallery, great art!!!
"WOW! Incredible works of art here!"
By TDSwhite, 11/4/2007 about
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17 results