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In this gallery you will find some of my favorite pictures. Some are of my silly cat which I adore and some are of wolves which I hold great respect for. Most of my shirts have an animal theme. Obviously I am an animal lover! I also am an avid photographer of scenery. Mother Nature has some of the most beautiful creations you can find no where else. I am hoping to please and entertain my visitors with lovely and sometimes funny images! Being originally French Canadian I have included a bit of my roots for my friends back in Quebec. Enjoy! Who knows maybe I can entice you into buying one of my shirts! And drop me a line if there is an image you like but can't find it in the format you would like... I'll be happy to make it just for you! Also make sure to drop me a line to let me know if you like what you see or maybe if you have suggestions of things you would like to see. Just scroll down and send me a word! Make sure to add my web link to your favorites and pop in once in a while to see what is new! Don't forget the star at the end! www.zazzle.com/Minou1*

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"Tiger Eye and Bearing All..."
By Rowood, 7/19/2009 about
are absolutely incredible. So are your other images. 5*'s on both - Robin
"I love all your work!"
By Cherherb, 5/22/2009 about
"Great Gallery"
By lindaS47, 4/24/2009 about
Love your jumping wolf, very good shot.
"Very cool gallery!"
By D_C_Seibold, 12/6/2008 about
By dduhaime55, 7/30/2007 about
Love your gallery!! The animal pictures are awesome!!
By fotojanik, 2/18/2007 about
Superb work.
By phantompanther, 12/4/2006 about
Thank you for the kind words on my page and for joining my "fanclub". Much appreciated! =D I'm glad you like the "Syrus is Evil" products. Unfortunately, they will be removed soon due to lack of quality. However, you will still be able to see the image on my deviantART account. I have the same username there (phantompanther). I hope you have a nice day.
By Tisane, 10/6/2006 about
And products !
"J'aime beaucoup cette galerie Minou !"
By Tisane, 9/20/2006 about
Matou est votre mari, le mien c'est Loulou !
By noodleli, 9/19/2006 about
Thank you for visiting my gallery and joining my fan club! I appreciate it!!!
By noodleli, 9/19/2006 about
Great fun gallery! Beautiful images! Love the bat-image..lol
"Like your stuff!"
By ogthug, 9/19/2006 about
Keep it up and make lots of doe. Og
"Beautiful Wall!"
By bragova, 8/17/2006 about
When I saw your screenname Minou, I thought, hmmm...that's French for "Here, Kitty Kitty!" (Works better on my cats, I have five.) Your black cat in Who Me? reminds me of someone...
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