Confederate First National
Confederate 1st National -Don't Tread On Me
Confederate Second National "Stainless Banner"
Confederate Third National  "Bloodstained Banner"
1st Arkansas Cavalry
1st Cherokee (Watie's Mounted Rifles)
1st - 3rd Florida Infantry
1st Kentucky Infantry
1st Missouri Infantry
1st N.E. Missouri Cavalry
1st North Carolina Cavalry
1st Maryland Infantry
1st South Carolina Infantry
1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry
1st Tennessee (Maney's Brigade)
1st Texas Infantry
1st Texas Cavalry (Magnolia Rangers)
1st Virginia Infantry
2nd Florida Cavalry (St Johns Rangers)
2nd Georgia Infantry
2nd Louisiana Cavalry
3rd Confederate Infantry
3rd Kentucky Infantry
3rd Louisiana Infantry
3rd SC Volunteer Cavalry Battalion
3rd Texas Cavalry
4th Arkansas Infantry
4th Missouri Infantry
4th Texas Infantry
5th Florida Infantry
5th Georgia Cavalry
5th Texas Infantry (S & B)
5th Texas Infantry
6th & 7th Arkansas Infantry
6th Florida Battalion
6th Louisiana "Irish" Infantry
7th Georgia Infantry
7th Mississippi Infantry
7th South Carolina Infantry
7th Tennessee Infantry
8th Texas Cavalry
8th Virginia Cavalry
8th Virginia Infantry
10th Mississippi Infantry -Rankin Rifles
10th South Carolina Infantry
10th Virginia Infantry
11th Mississippi Infantry
11th North Carolina Infantry (The Bethel Regiment)

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