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"Monkey Bar" Postcard
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About this product
Orientation: Postcard

Whether you’re sending a charming hello, a heartfelt thanks or a special announcement, Zazzle’s custom postcards are the perfect way to keep in touch. Add your favorite picture or pick a customizable design and make someone’s day with a simple “hi”!

  • Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.6" (portrait) or 5.6" x 4.25" (landscape)
  • Printed on ultra-heavy 120 lb card stock with gloss finish
  • Postage rate: $0.34
About this design
"Monkey Bar" Postcard
Post card design combines original oil painting and digital photograph. Background painting is a bar in Tokyo windowscape by California painter, Susan Payne-Trutna. Gorilla photograph by Rick Trutna."tba award winning postcard" "fine art oil painting and digital photo postcards" "top 10 postcards views" "monkey bar fine art painting postcards" " funny monkey fine art postcards" "weird monkey fine art oil painting postcards" "classic monkey bar fine art oil painting postcards" "urban monkey fine art postcards" "cityscape bar scene with ape oil paintings" "pensive gorilla fine art postcards"
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"Monkey Bar" Postcard

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96 results
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"Thanks for the like Rebecca!"
By , 9/12/2015 about
This image has the most comments of any of my Zazzle products.
"Love the Gorilla!"
By Rebecca Reeder, 8/1/2013 about
I came back and added an official LIKE vote.
"So Monkey, you haven't heard from Mrs. P-T for a while!"
And you were also wondering where I'd got to? Well, I've been quite busy working to earn a living and the rest of the time working, for pleasure!!!??, on my boat. Apparently Pierre is a little concerned that Mrs. P-T hasn't been round the La Palette lately either------says his takings are right down! I reckon she's just locked into one of her painting frenzies and as soon as the latest masterpiece is complete she'll be hitting the shops, bars and restaurants as usual. Catch ya later Monkey!
"155th set of charming *******************sssss!!"
By Ujean's Whimsical World, 3/7/2011 about
""Hi there Little Buddy, long time no see!"
The usual?" "Guinness is fine, yeah!" "So what's new?" "Well, lots of changes at work and at home, but I don't want to bore you with all that." "Pierre and Michelle?" "Not seen either of them for some time." "Mrs. P-T?" "Ah, she's a love! I just posted a new item on zazzle-----a poppy envelope thing. Wasn't sure about it, but she gave it the thumbs up. Just what I needed to hear." "Take it from me, if Mrs. P-T likes it, you're on a winner." "That's what I thought. Think I'll try some more." "Sure thing, Little Buddy!"
""Good to see you back Monkey! How was Cambridge?""
"Cambridge was fine. Little ole England was fine. In fact, little buddy, anywhere is fine when you've been sitting on this bar stool 24/7!" "Yeah, I guess so! In that case you'll be looking forward to your trip to Scotland?" "Amen to that! I'm just worried they might make me wear a kilt." "I can assure you they won't. However, they might insist on you tasting a little haggis for lunch. Would you be OK with that?" "Och aye the noo Laddie! Just practising little buddy." "Mmmh! Nice one!"
""Cheers Monkey, I'm ready for this!"
Had a chat with Pierre recently----he's desperate to find a best friend. No, he hasn't lost one, he's never had one. Poor chap! Said he'd even consider you, so long as you ran away with his missus." "What's so funny Little Buddy? You don't think I'm attractive to the ladies or somethin'?" "It's not that, Monkey old chap, just visions of you perched on top of the Eiffel Tower beating your chest with one arm and a terrified Mrs. Camembert under the other." "Well, I'm sure the lady is a fine French filly, but Mrs. Monkey suits me just fine." "Undoubtedly! Anyway, here's to Pierre and his crazy world!" CLINK!
"He seems very FIT, lol!"
By Ujean's Whimsical World, 9/16/2010 about
That's what I think whenever I see him in your store, hehe! What are you going to exhibit in your next exhibition, Susan?? I'm super duper excited! Perhaps, you've gotta invite your Gorilla friend to your special exhibition~~! ************x************ssss to this popular monkey painting~!
"▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ FANTASTIC ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂"
By Masterpieces of Art, 8/16/2010 about
By Fractal Art by Vicky, 8/11/2010 about
I just watched the latest King Kong movie, it is the first time the movies make him look like a real gorilla, like this guy.
"And many more stars!"
By Vintage Treasure Chest, 8/3/2010 about
"☆¸.·’★¸.·’☆ More Stars ☆ ¸.·’★¸.·’☆"
By dchaddad, 7/26/2010 about
"Yes I did call in at the La Palette"
while I was in Paris, and you're just not gonna believe this--------Pierre is working happily behind the bar with your picture looking down on him! No, I'm not having you on Monkey. It's as true as me standing here in this bar in Japan, drinking a pint of Guinness and talking to a Gorilla! How do you mean that's all only make-believe and just my imagination? Don't go spoiling things now-----everyone out there thinks it's real! Anyway, the fact is, Pierre has been hypnotised into seeing Mrs. P-T instead of you. No, Mrs. P-T is not big and hairy like you! And yes, I know you don't wear a boater hat with a big flower in it! Let's just talk about the weather, Monkey!
"LOVE the combination of oil painting and digital photography!!! 5*"
By dlgray, 7/23/2010 about
By First Night Design, 7/22/2010 about
Not in the least surprised this is so popular. Fab gorilla! Now a favourite. It was great to pass on your compliments to my better 'alf. I'm hoping it gives him some much-needed confidence to get back to his drawing. Fear not, however, as I have lots more of his work to put up. Attached is one of his Christmas panto drawings.
"☆ ¸.·’★¸.·’☆ More Stars ☆ ¸.·’★¸.·’☆"
By Masterpieces of Art, 7/19/2010 about
"What a great idea-----birthday cake"
and a party at the Monkey Bar! Is there any point in inviting Pierre, I wonder? Love this painting! A smashing weekend to you too Susan!
"More cheerful ************ssssss to the most"
By Ujean's Whimsical World, 7/16/2010 about
handsome monkey on earth!!! Is he going to have a great vacation this summer?? I finally booked a ticket, Susan!!!! My heart has already flown to my niece.....Woooohoooo, have a great weekend, Mr. Monkey!!!
"Love this!"
By CARAVAN designs, 7/16/2010 about
Wonderful image Susan. Love the soft colors against the detailed gorilla and the lighting is wonderful. Hope your show in Atherton was a smash.
"More stars!"
By Photography by Vicky, 7/15/2010 about
Hi Susan! I heard that you're having a show in Atherton and that Lorrie Morrison is going to it! I wish I could too.
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96 results
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