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And read about the new children's book Dasi Makes A Difference  written by Elizabeth Earle and illustrated by my sister, Linda Shirley Frazier  Dasi made a difference and so can you!

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"Image credits..."
By moxieann, 11/12/2011 about
Image credits that appear on products are shipped as seen. 8-))
"Uncle's photo"
By amazingjoker, 7/9/2010 about
Sorry I took so long to respond. Actually, he loves that tie. He said that he likes what you did for the design. So, again, sorry I took so long.
By GeorgeSharon, 6/29/2010 about
i liked the photos! good work.
By naturesmiles, 9/6/2009 about
Nice photography!
By EthanMatthews, 8/20/2009 about
I see you have some snowmobile based products. You should check out my SOS stickers.
By GingerBarritt, 6/6/2009 about
Fantastic shoes!!!
By PetsforVets, 5/5/2009 about
Thank you for your support. I am very honored to have you as a fan. I will keep you posted on updates with the program, if you would like. Take care my friend. xoxo
By PetsforVets, 5/3/2009 about
Hello. I am a fan of yours. Please take a moment to stop my gallery - all proceeds go to a fantastic charity to provide a second chance to rescue pets and America's Veterans! xoxo
"Your Gallery is Beautiful!"
By kenikens, 3/31/2009 about
Keep up the great work everything looks amazing!!
"Photos by Ann Finster"
By moxieann, 1/31/2009 about
Yes, the Ann Finster photos are my own.
By sunsets67, 10/14/2008 about
Enjoy your Gallery!
"I absolutely love your Gallery!"
By SuzeeQ, 3/11/2008 about
"Keep em' flyin'!"
By Spaceart, 1/9/2008 about
Nice work. Come see my space art as well. Godspeed!
By JudsonJoyce, 12/22/2007 about
Joined your Fan Club. Great Gallery! Great Photos! Would love to see more.
By hopefulone, 12/14/2007 about
You have some great photos here! Keep up the great work! —Geri
By Alicia10780, 7/30/2007 about
cool gallery!
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