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WELCOME TO THE STORE! Subject ;"Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists" I grew up surfing oxygen rich clear waves, and dreamed of becoming an oceanographer, while surfing Scripps,and Blacks beach.I knew the footprint the coming generation would create was going to be considerable, and it made me very sad. What makes me the saddest is the degree of denial that some people choose to live in, and the lack of responsibility to the environment... ( which is by the way, the ONLY "Ship" we have for now ) To think about what has been destroyed is redundant unless we decide to do...something...to leave less of a footprint on the planet...try to live a little more effeciently...think about it...Ride a bike...walk....stop....for a minute and clear your hard drive.....Then...expect a miracle! MWSONGS ( Miles)

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