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Shop for products featuring me, Emma the GBGV. I enjoy making people smile and laugh and simply being silly. I was born in England, moved to Germany and now live in the USA with my big Kuvasz sister Katie and our 2 cats Bert and Sophie. Mom likes to take photos and I enjoy being her photo model so we thought why not share our fun! My mom and I have discussed it and I have decided to give 25% of the profits from my store to the local Animal Humane Society. I am so fortunate to have a great home but there are so many pets that don't have a home. I would like to help my fellow furs and my mom has adopted many pets from the Humane Society in our area so I would like to help them out with what I can whether it is a little or a lot of money, I will donate. Want to know more about me and my furry family? Follow me on my social media pages! Find links to my pages on my blog!

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